Nuclear Education Trust


The following publications have been funded or part-funded by NET:

Defence Diversification: International learning for Trident jobs, June 2018, Nuclear Education Trust.

UK Parliamentary debate analysis: bombing ISIL in Syria September 2016, via the Flapjack Trust.

British military attitudes to nuclear weapons and disarmament June 2015, Nuclear Education Trust & Nuclear Information Service.

The UK's National Defence Needs and International Nuclear Disarmament Responsibilities February 2014, Nuclear Education Trust.

Trident Alternatives Review and the future of Barrow December 2012, Nuclear Education Trust.

Defence-Industrial Issues: Employment, Skills,Technology and Regional Impacts Keith Hartley. Discussion paper 2 of the BASIC Trident Commission.

Entente Nucleaire: Options for UK-French Nuclear Cooperation Bruno Tertrais -  Senior Research Fellow Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique. Discussion paper 3 of the BASIC Trident Commission.

Options for arms control to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in NATO Ambassador Peter Gottwald, November 2010, Nuclear Policy Paper No. 1. 

Polish and Central European Priorities on NATO’s Future Nuclear Policy Lukasz Kulesa, November 2010, Nuclear Policy Paper No. 2.

Current NATO Nuclear Policy Rt Hon the Lord Browne of Ladyton (Des Browne), November 2010, Nuclear Policy Paper No. 3.

Nuclear Options for NATO Paul Ingram, BASIC Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference 2010 Papers —4 (PDF), April 2010. 

Disarmament Treaties April 2010.

Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace 2010.

Nuclear Weapons States Profile 2009.

Trident Replacement - what comes next? 2009.

Devonport Briefing 2009.