Peace Education

NET is pleased to fund CND’s Peace Education work, which aims to empower young people with knowledge on peace and nuclear issues and support them in making their own mind up on these matters. 

The CND Peace Education programme does not campaign or try to influence students’ views. Sessions and resources are impartial, and are geared at getting young people actively involved in exploring the issues, supporting independent thinking and encouraging discussion and debate.

Each year School Speakers from CND Peace Education deliver free workshops and talks to thousands of students in schools and colleges across England, as well free training for hundreds of teachers on how best to explore controversial issues in the classroom. If you would like to book a session, or find out more, please email

CND Peace Education also has five education resources, all of which are available free of charge. Thousands of the packs are downloaded or requested as hard copies annually. The packs are updated every few years to reflect global developments, and teacher and student feedback.

You can click each image below to download copies of the education packs. Alternatively, to receive a hard copy, please email


Truman on Trial Resourcesadako

CND Peace Education has been awarded: the Association for Citizenship Teaching’s Quality Mark for the ‘Bomb Factor’ and ‘Under Pressure’; TES Picks status for ‘The Bomb Factor’, ‘Sadako’s Cranes’ and ‘Truman On Trial’; and ‘Truman On Trial’ was also shortlisted as a finalist in the Education Resources Awards 2018. A more detailed report on CND Peace Education activity can be found here.

CND Peace Education’s resources are also available from the Times Educational Supplement website and the Guardian Teacher Network  

Teach Peace Pack

CND Peace Education is proud to be a member of the Peace Education Network and has contributed to the Teach Peace resource for Primary Schools. If you would like a hard copy of this resource, please email

For more detail about CND Peace Education’s work, including teacher and student testimonials, please go to

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