Nuclear Education Trust


The NET Trustees meet three times a year and discuss any grant applications received. The scheduled meetings for 2016 are:

28th April 2016; 29th June 2016; 8th November 2016

Deadlines for grant applications are 4 weeks prior to the meetings. 

Due to limited funds, the Trustees have concluded that it cannot make grant awards for the immediate future, until reserves have been built up to an appreciable level.

Please send requests for further information to NET Secretary here.



The Nuclear Education Trust has provided grants for the following projects:


CND Peace Education 2014-15 

BASIC - with WMD Awareness for the 'Talk Trident' project working with young people


CND Peace Education 2013
Scottish CND - peace education in schools
Mor Di-Niwclear (Nuclear Free Sea) - Effects of Nuclear Weapons information sheet translation into Welsh


None awarded


BASIC - Trident Commission

CND Peace Education 2012-14

Oxford University Press - Peace Encylcopedia
Greater Manchester CND – Peace Trail website


Greater Manchester CND - peace play
CND Peace Education 2011


Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy - Conference on Nuclear Weapons and International Law
Artists & Education - Push the Button Game
University of Bradford - Research & advocacy for a pathway to zero nuclear weapons
NSubForum - website support
Scottish CND Peace Education
BASIC - NATO research
Armageddon - Israeli website
Ippy Gray - Trident Database
CND Peace Education 2010
CND - information briefings


Christian CND - Oxford Conference
Movement for the Abolition of War - Peace history Conference
Carol Turner - book on the Labour Party and Nuclear Disarmament
Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education
Greater Manchester CND - Peace exhibition
Oxford University Press - Peace Encylcopedia
Scottish CND - Conference on Nuclear Weapons in Scotland
CND - Global summit
CND Peace Education 2009
CND - information briefings


London School of Economics - CND Archives exhibition
CND Peace Education 2007 & 2008
CND - Trident briefings
CND - Global summit